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MY GST STARTER PACK is a Malaysian Good & Services Tax(GST) module add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 that has been certified by The Royal Malaysian Customs Department [Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia] (JKDM).

MY GST STARTER PACK will offer NAV customers Malaysian Goods and Services Tax related functionalities which complies to JKDM list of requirements. It is able to cater for different types of GST configuration by all industries and built-in features and functions to produce GST Audit File (GAF) as well as GST03 Returns as required by JKDM. Supported by full audit trail capability enable users to drill-down into details of each GST related transaction and entries. Handful of GST related listing and reports has been added into MY GST Starter Pack as well. MY GST STARTER PACK BY SYNERGISTIC INNOVATIONS

MY GST STARTER PACK add-on module is essential for all GST registered businesses in Malaysia as defined by GST Bill 2014 MALAYSIA. With the enforcement of GST implementation by JKDM effective from 1st April 2015, any company with an annual revenue of RM500,000 and above must have a GST system to capture and maintain complete sales and purchases records. The system must have the capability of identifying different types of GST transactions classification based on GST Tax codes and tax rate defined by JKDM.


The features and functions of MY GST STARTER PACK are built based on official GST software requirement and specification outlined by JKDM. MY GST STARTER PACK is compliance and certified by JKDM.

• Configuration: Allows you to setup GST related information required by JKDM. MY GST STARTER PACK is built with parameters settings in mind, this design will enable you to update GST settings related information from time to time without having to rely on us. The setting is role-based control, only users with designated permission are able to access and update accordingly. The GST setting is per legal entity which is configured as per Company Book under NAV system setup. The areas covered: -  COMPANY BOOK LEVEL INFORMATION  MALAYSIA STANDARD INDUSTRIAL CLASSIFICATIONS (MSIC)  CUSTOMER  VENDOR  ITEM  FIXED ASSETS  RESOURCE & SERVICE ITEM  GENERAL LEDGER  GST TAX CODE & GST RATE  GST SUBMISSION SETUP  USER PROFILE

• Transactions: All GST related transactions need to be captured either via Purchases or Sales related transactions. MY GST STARTER PACK allows you to capture purchases and sales line by line with different MY GST Tax codes. A default setting can be done with MY GST STARTER PACK. All Purchases and Sales transactions will be captured based on:  Rated (the rate is user definable)  Exempt  Zero-Rated  Flat Rate Scheme  Out of Scope supply

Affected business source documents will be: -

 Purchase Order  Purchase Invoice  Self-Billed Invoice  Sales Order  Sales Invoice  Simplify Invoice [both Sales & Purchases]  Credit Memo. [both Sales & Purchases]  Debit Note [both Sales & Purchases]  General Journals

All transactions will have its own audit trail. MY GST STARTER PACK inherits NAV characteristics that once posted, data cannot be amended. Any amendment must be done through proper reversal. All reversals will be logged in a register for audit trail purpose.

 Reconciliation: In order to facilitate a user to verify and reconcile GST transactions, MY GST STARTER PACK provides a user-friendly Reconciliation Page for user to filter and drill-down any GST related transaction by GST Tax Code and by Period. With this Reconciliation function, you are able to view the exact GST Input and Output Tax amount for the reporting period. At your own comfort, you can verify the MY GST Statement prior to final submission to JKDM.

 Listing & Reporting: Listings and Reports related to GST transactions as outlined by JKDM are made available in MY GST STARTER PACK.

 Legislation Output & Submission: User can make use of reconciliation function to verify all GST related transactions. Once you are satisfied with the GST reconciliation process, you can create the final version of MY GST Statement and close the GST reporting period. Once the GST period is closed, you may generate the final version of GST Audit File (GAF) and the TAP file (GST-03 Return) for uploading and submission to JKDM, as well as print out the GST03 Returns form for auditing purpose.

 System Maintenance: By subscribing to annual maintenance (Business Ready Enhancement Program – BREP), Synergistic Innovations will be provide periodic update to your MY GST STARTER PACK add-on module pertaining to GST Tax Code, GAF, TAP and GST03 output specification as and when released by JKDM as well as any fixes / enhancements if applicable. [if your NAV is customized subsequently, services of merging of your NAV objects affected by MY GST STARTER PACK update released will not be covered under the BREP for MY GST STARTER PACK]


MY GST STARTER PACK add-on module is the foundation layer for MS Dynamics NAV to handle Malaysia GST requirements. Some companies may require more than just BASIC GST functionalities, in such cases, customer may explore the following optional modules: -

•  MY GST Extended Pack: Come with additional functionalizes like Automation of Bad Debt Relief & Recovery module for Customers and Vendors; Mixed-supply, Partial Exemption, Capital Goods Adjustments (CGA) processing module. • MY GST Enterprise Pack: Pack with additional modules that cater for GST Group Submission or act as a GST03 and GAF central depository for conglomerate organization and its subsidiaries.

SUMMARY Synergistic Innovations Sdn Bhd is the pioneering partner for Microsoft Dynamics NAV in Malaysia since year 2000. With an outstanding track record of five terms of President’s Club for Microsoft Dynamics since year 2007, six terms of Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the year (Malaysia) since year 2007 besides other recognition being awarded by Microsoft.

We are the NAV powerhouse dedicated to NAV solution since year 2000. We have the largest NAV installed base in Malaysia and we have been tasked by our customers to project manage and build group and business templates for regional roll-out. Collaboration with multiple partners across regions is also part of our business model.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 provides a comprehensive core solution for Enterprise Resource Planning for organizations across industry.

Besides Offering standard version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 W1 edition, coupled with Malaysian Localization module – MY GST STARTER PACK; Synergistic Innovations also is the appointed partner to provide the following certified horizontal NAV add-on solutions: -

• JetReports / JetEnterprise – Excel Based Reporting and BI Tools • Easy Security – Configurable Enhanced Field / Menu Level Security Control • Agiles Workflow – Embeded Workflow Engine without Customisation •ProjectPro – Enhanced Industry functionality for job & project related business.